UK NEQAS – Brexit Update

The United Kingdom (UK) left the European Union (EU) on the 31st January 2020 and under the terms of the withdrawal procedure there will be a transitional period until the 31st December 2020.  All current working practices with regard to importation and exportation into the EU and application of EU regulations to the UK will remain unchanged during this time. The current plan of the UK government is to negotiate with the EU to put into place a new framework for future relationships and trade with the EU post 31st December 2020. Throughout the following 11 months different aspects of the withdrawal agreement will be finalised. Once details become available the UK NEQAS Consortium will implement any changes or new requirements into our processes.  Any legislative changes may affect the UK NEQAS services in the following two areas:

  1. Movement of goods
  2. Movement of data
The UK NEQAS Consortium, as an organisation, is committed to minimise the effect of any regulatory changes on the service provided to the UK, EU and the rest of the World.  As such, negotiations will be continually monitored by UK NEQAS and any required changes to operational practices will be implemented immediately to ensure no disruption to services.
Please see the link below for the full UK NEQAS Brexit response letter, dated February 2020
Brexit Letter - Feb 2020 v4