Benefits to Participants

The primary role of UK NEQAS is educational. We are committed to supporting a culture of continuous quality improvement within UK NEQAS and our participants. Our educational role is achieved by

  • Highlighting best practice, common errors or poor practice, up-to-date guidance and clinically relevant performance issues.
  • Allowing participants to compare their assay performance across time, across method, across networks.
  • Publicising current international professional guidance and standards for our participants.
  • Providing access to experienced scientific staff for advice and assistance
  • Hosting multiple annual scientific meetings focusing on best practice and latest developments within clinical pathology
  • Collaborating with industry, and both UK and non-UK professional societies.
  • Being involved in the production of UK and international guidelines

However it is the mission of UK NEQAS is to ensure the provision of an appropriate, responsive & high standard of EQA to clinical laboratories by providing them with:

  • An assessment of intra and inter laboratory performance
  • The relative performance of available kits and methods
  • Factors associated with good and poor performance
  • A tool to monitor and improve the between-laboratory agreement

This provides participants with greater confidence in the results they are issuing to clinicians, helps you give a safe and effective clinical outcome for patients and improves to the quality of care provided to patients.