Benefits to the Public

Why Should Members of the Public want their Laboratory to Participate in UK NEQAS Services?

The UK NHS deals with over 1 million patients every 36 hours. This means that as individuals the chances that we or a family member will rely on form of health care over a 12 months period are very high.

  • 95% of clinical pathways relying on patients having access to pathology services
  • 70% of all diagnoses relying on pathology results
  • Therefore high quality pathology services form an essential part of modern healthcare
  • UK NEQAS focuses on tests which make a difference to patient care. We cover tests for the entire disease spectrum from cancer to autoimmunity, from blood transfusion to transplantation, from genetic diseases to allergy
  • UK NEQAS educate laboratories with clinically relevant case studies
  • UK NEQAS shares best practice with all stakeholders
  • UK NEQAS helps laboratories achieve accreditation and harmonised quality
  • UK NEQAS provides quality assessment independently of accreditation bodies