Dr. Barbara De la Salle

Dr. Barbara De la Salle


  • Director, UK NEQAS Haematology since 2014
  • Director of the WHO Collaborative Centre for Quality Assurance in Haematology
  • UK NEQAS Board Divisional Representative Haematology Division
  • UK NEQAS Vice-President for external relationships
  • Co-organiser, UK NEQAS Pre and Post-analytical quality monitoring service.


  • Joined UK NEQAS in 2000 as UK NEQAS Haematology Scheme Manager and Deputy Director
  • Former UK NEQAS Executive Committee member and chair
  • Has over 25 years laboratory haematology experience with a strong professional interest in the laboratory diagnosis of inherited red cell disorders
  • For the past 5 years has been the Director of UK NEQAS Haematology, located in the West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust.


  • Member, British Society for Haematology Guidelines General Haematology Task Force
  • Member, Independent Laboratory Performance Review Group of the NHS Sickle and Thalassaemia Screening Programme
  • Member, International Council for Standardisation in Haematology
  • Member, UK Proficiency Testing Working Group
  • Member, European Quality Assurance in Laboratory Medicine (EQALM) organisation and EQALM co-representative on the European Federation for Laboratory Medicine (EFLM) pre-analytics working group
  • Member, ACB pre-analytics working group
  • Member, BSI IVD committee
  • Board Member, International Society for Laboratory Haematology.