Dr. Barbara De La Salle

Dr. Barbara De La Salle


  • Director, UK NEQAS Haematology since 2014
  • Director of the WHO Collaborative Centre for Quality Assurance in Haematology
  • Unit Manager, UK NEQAS Haematology and Transfusion
  • UK NEQAS Board Divisional Representative Haematology Division
  • Chair, UK NEQAS working group for pre- and post-analytical quality monitoring service
  • UK NEQAS Vice-President for external relationships


  • Joined UK NEQAS in 2000 as UK NEQAS Haematology Scheme Manager and Deputy Director
  • Former UK NEQAS Executive Committee member and chair


  • Book chapter – 12th edition, Dacie and Lewis Practical Haematology (2016)
  • ENERCA recommendations for centres of expertise in rare anaemias: A WHITE BOOK, 2015 (co-author) (ISBN 978 84 939018 8 2)
  • WHO manual for organizing a national external quality assessment programme for health laboratories and other testing sites, 2016 (co-author) (ISBN 978 92 4 154967 7; available at www.who.int/diagnostics_laboratory_en)
  • Standardisation of Haematology Critical Results Management in Adults: An international Council for Standardisation in Haematology, ICSH, survey and recommendations. T B Keng, B De La Salle, G Bourner, A Merino, Jin-Yeong Han, Yokho Kawai, M T Peng, R McCafferty on behalf of the International Council for Standardization in Haematology (ICSH). 2016.  Int J Lab Haeml, 38:457-471
  • Web-based virtual microscopy of digitized blood slides for malaria diagnosis: an effective tool for skills assessment in different countries and environments
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  • Do We Know Why We Make Errors in Morphological Diagnosis? An Analysis of Approach and Decision-Making in Haematological Morphology. Michelle Brereton, Barbara De La Salle, John Ardern, Keith Hyde, John Burthem EBioMedicine, Vol. 2, Issue 9, p1224–1234
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  • ICSH guidelines for the verification and performance of automated cell counters for body fluids Bourner G, De la Salle B, George T, Tabe Y, Baum H, Culp N, Keng TB, on behalf of the International Council for Standardization in Hematology (ICSH) (2014) doi:10.1111/ijlh.12196
  • Counting platelets at transfusion threshold levels: impact on the decision to transfuse. A BEST Collaborative - UK NEQAS (H) International Exercise Lozano M, Mahon A, van der Meer PF, Stanworth S, Cid J, Devine D, Fung MK, De la Salle B, Heddle NM. Vox Sang. 2014 DO - 10.1111/vox.12110
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  • MCV measurement on Sysmex XE series instruments using the RPU-2100 diluent system De la Salle BJ, Briggs C, Bleby J, McTaggart P and Hyde K. J Clin Pathol 2013; 66: 449-450
  • Pathology harmony moves on: progress on implementation in haematology. De la Salle B; Pathology Harmony Haematology Sub-Group. Br J Haematol. 2012 Jul 23.
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  • Member, British Society for Haematology Guidelines General Haematology Task Force
  • Member, Laboratory sub-group and Independent Laboratory Performance Review Group of the National Sickle and Thalassaemia Screening Programme
  • Member, International Council for Standardisation in Haematology
  • Member, UK Proficiency Testing Working Group
  • Member, European Quality Assurance in Laboratory Medicine (EQALM) organisation and EQALM co-representative on the European Federation for Laboratory Medicine (EFLM) pre-analytics working group
  • Member, ACB pre-analytics working group
  • Member, BSI IVD committee